Josh Sonju, Factotum
Art Director || Marketing || Branding || Photographer
Graphic Designer || Fine Artist || Public Relations
Writer|| Entrepreneur || Visionary
/fækˈtəʊtəm/  noun
a person employed to do all kinds of work

Josh Sonju is a diverse, right-left brained oriented individual. Logical and methodical. Soft. Inspirational. Sharp and contrasting. I have a very diverse background from start-ups to established firms and working knowledge from supply chain, production to executive management. 
Everyone is watching you; succeed, fail, grow, recede and tread water. You are telling a story, presenting your image and showcasing your product. I can take your story, your product, your image and present it to the world through process-driven creativity. Conventional and unconventional approaches driving your brand value and ROI. 
Thank you!
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